Suction Line Filter Drier

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The flow capacities are rated at the maximum
recommended pressure drop for permanent installation.
To ensure the suction line fi lter-drier has ample contaminant removal ability, selection must be based on fl ow capacity and
the amount of desiccant required for system clean-up. The suction line fi lter-drier must be large enough to adequately remove
acid, moisture and solid contaminants without causing nuisance plug-ups. Sizing is especially important for sealed type
suction line fi lter-driers since they should be sized to clean a small system with one service call.
To reduce the pressure drop through replaceable core shells, substitute cores with fi lter elements (see page 36) after the system has
been cleaned up. Th e 6171-5 screen should be discarded when cores are replaced with RPE-48-BD elements in RSF shells.

suction line filter drier

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