Sight Glass Liquid Indicator

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One Indicator for Refrigerants 134a, 22, 404A, 407C, 410A, 502 and 507. Th e See•All Moisture and Liquid Indicator provides
a true moisture indication for Refrigerants 134a, 22,404A, 407C, 410A and 507.

The See•All® is also suitable for Refrigerant 409A. The dark green indicates dry and a bright yellow indicates wet. The one indicator avoids the confusion
found in models with two elements. You cannot pick the wrong element when checking the moisture content of
the system.
2. Reliable and Accurately calibrated color change points. The See•All Moisture and Liquid Indicator is accurately calibrated
in parts per million of moisture for each refrigerant.All moisture indicators change color on the basis of
relative saturation of the refrigerant. Therefore, liquid line temperature must be considered if an accurate calibration
is to be obtained. For easy comparison, a color chart is part of the label.
3. Color Changes are easily distinguished and reversible. The indicator’s color diff ers so widely between WET and DRY conditions
that there is no possibility of confusion between the two. Colors will reverse as often as moisture concentration
in the system changes.
4. Large full view sightglass. Th e See•All Moisture and Liquid Indicator has an extra large crystal clear sightglass for
viewing the refrigerant. Bubbles indicate a shortage of refrigerants
or a restriction in the liquid line.
5. Indicator protected from discoloration and dirt. Th e indicator is protected by a fi lter pad and screen. Th is prevents washing
of the indicator by the refrigerant and protects it from system contamination and turbulence.
6. Replaceable indicator element. Th e color indicator paper can be changed on the new fused glass models without removing
the See•All from the line. Replacement is through the bottom (see SA-14SU below). Request the K-SA-4 kit.
7. Disassembly of the smaller sizes not required. Th e extended steel fi ttings on solder models in the smaller sizes make
it unneccesary to disassemble for installation since steel conducts only one eighth as much heat as copper.
8. A double duty plastic cap is supplied to keep the glass free from dust, dirt and grease. It also permits the service engineer
to use his own discretion concerning instructions to his customers on

sight glass liquid indicator

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