Pressure Vessels

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The comprehensive BITZER program of horizontal and vertical liquid receivers for HFC refrigerants, ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) meets the various requirements of the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Permissible operating pressures up to 33 bar (up to 42 bar in the case of CO2), operating temperatures up to 120 °C, liquid level control via sight glasses or optional level


Our oil coolers are system components for the safe operation of screw compressors. For each application BITZER offers the right oil cooler – air- or water-cooled, for HCFCs and chlorine-free HFCs as well as for ammonia. For selection and performance calculation please observe the information given in the applications manual for the corresponding screw compressors

portfolio oil separator for screw compressors

Oil separator standard version HFC & NH3:

OA und OA....(A)

The approved types OA1854(A), OA4088(A), OA9011(A) and OA14011(A) have been replaced by optimized types since 01/2010.

Important features of the new types OA1954(A), OA4188(A), OA9111(A) and OA14111(A) are:

  • Exact oil level monitoring by opto-electronical liquid level monitor OLC-D1
  • Leakage free Rotalock sightglass
  • Improved cost-performance ratio
  • Standardized connection positions OA1954(A) now with refrigerant outlet upwards
pressure vessels

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