Expansion Valve

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10 Outstanding Features & Benefi ts of Sporlan Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Selective Thermostatic Charges Designed to provide Optimum performance for all applications—air conditioning
and heat pump, medium and low temperature refrigeration.
• Thermostatic Element Design Long lasting and field proven stainless steel diaphragm and welded element construction.
• Diaphragm Design Large fl at diaphragm permits precise valve control.
• Replaceable Thermostatic Elements Field replaceable elements on all standard valves.
• Balanced Port Design Provides perfect pin and port alignment, and prevents changes in pressure drop across
the valve from infl uencing valve operation. Provides excellent control on applications with widely varying operating conditions.
• Pin Carrier Design (Conventional Valves) Provides precise pin and port alignment, and tighter seating.
• Accessible Internal Parts Durable, leakproof body joint construction allows the valve to be disassembled, and the internal
parts cleaned and inspected.
• Materials of Construction Pin and port materials offer maximum protection against corrosion and erosion.
• Silver Soldered Connections For leakproof, high strength connection-to-body joints.
Adjustable Superheat Design All standard valves are externally adjustable.


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