CSH Screw Compressure

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Compressors of the CS series are an ideal solution for the series production of liquid chillers, air conditioning systems and heat pumps as well as for individual short cycles. Their integrated oil reservoir and separator system significantly reduces installation time, and permits using the screw compressors in a minimum of space. This makes the installation work required comparable to that of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors.

The CSH series is suitable for universal use and is fitted with connections for economiser and oil cooler. With the compressor series CSH95, BITZER surpasses the 300 HP power range for individual compressors for the first time and is thus able to meet the demands of the air conditioning industry for units offering more capacity.

The CSW series was developed specifically for use in water-cooled systems or applications with low condensing temperatures down to 20°C. The series is characterized by maximum efficiency – with increases up to 60 % in the part load range.

The compact screw compressors of the CSH and CSW series are fitted with dual capacity controls and can be controlled optionally in steps or infinitely. Both series demonstrate the best energy efficiency levels at both full load and part load operation.

Most models can be operated using refrigerants R134a, R407C, R22, R404A and R507A – with or without economiser.


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