Bitzer Condensing Unit

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These represent a perfected series in our kit system for universal applications: BITZER air-cooled condenser units with large heat-exchange surfaces for use in all climate zones. Special compressor and condenser combinations for high ambient temperatures and low noise-level applications enlarge the BITZER standard program

Our further developed product program with our extremely economic 2-stage compressors is especially suited for low temperature systems. Using BITZER accessories such as liquid subcoolers, oil separators, discharge gas protection and differential oil pressure

Our optimally matched product program is based on the economic and robust compressors as well as the efficient shell and tube condensers of the K3 series. As a matter of course, the complete series is also available with seawater-resistant condensers and a comprehensive range of accessories


speed-controlled compressor and speed-controlled condenser fans, the BITZER ECOSTAR series offers completely new opportunities of application. The series also represents a technical and economical alternative to using several small fully-hermetic units. The cooling capacity can be adapted to actual requirements which considerably increases the efficiency of the refrigeration system. The built-in controller allows for quick and easy commissioning, comprehensive safety and monitoring functions as well as simplified error diagnosis.


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