About Us

Boulton Trading Corporation

The seeds were sown on 14th February’1949, but the initiation into the Trade of refrigeration and air conditioning for Boulton Trading Corporation was done in the year 1962 by Shri Umrao Singh Choraria and Ulhas Chand Choraria. 

The vision was to redefine the trade of Refrigeration and Air conditioning in the decades to come. The path was difficult but the will was strong, and what followed in the years to come was the emergence of Boulton as the Premier name in the trading of Refrigeration and Air conditioning equipments and spares… 

The journey started with the trading of Refrigerator and Air conditioner spares and gradually with the rapidly changing technology and advent of new products, Boulton kept pace with the market demands and kept itself abreast with the fast evolving Refrigeration business, To maintain its leadership in the market , Boulton and its team of highly motivated personnel were always working hard to get attuned to the dynamic and technical dimensions of this trade, hence whenever a customer came to Boulton with a question, Boulton had the answers ready !!! 

Boulton ,boasts of a team of professionals with a varied knowledge base, which enables us to cater to the different aspects of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Temperature ControlsPressure controlscoldroom and so on and so forth. 

In this journey world leaders in the field of Refrigeration have joined hands with Boulton Trading Corporation. Some of the brands are BitzerDanfoss, Sporlan, Alco, IndfossGea evaporatorPacklessSuniso, Emkerate, Ranko, Arthermo, Honeywell, Mefron. 

In this endeavor we have established a Pan India Network with offices in Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Bengaluru, Chennai with the sole aim of reaching out to our esteemed customers and providing them our services effectively and efficiently. 

We offer to our Customers our Dedicated Team of Professionals under the able guidance of Shri Ulhas Chand Choraria. Our Team comprises of Mr. Hanuman Choraria, Mr. Deepak Choraria, Mr. Pankaj Choraria, Mr. H.L.Sharma, Mr. Chattar Singhi, Mr. L.V.Vyas, Punit Jain and the latest addition of Mr. Pankaj Dungarwal. 
Any business thrives on customer satisfaction and loyalty, The existence and strong growth of Boulton Trading Corporation over a period of 50 years is testimony to the fact that we have been able to provide the quality services to our esteemed customers, and feel proud that we were chosen by them to enable us to serve their organization through our sustained and honest efforts and services from time to time. 
For us the journey has just started as we believe that the next 50 years will determine whether we were able to live up to the expectation of our esteemed customers, as we believe that expectation are a gift and not a burden, as when our customers expect good service from us, it means we have given them reasons to believe in us over the years. 
We believe in what the Great Emperor Alexander once said “FOR ANY SUCCESS, IF THERE IS A WAY, I WILL FIND IT & IF THERE IS NO WAY, I WILL MAKE IT.” 
Our motto is to satisfy our customers at any cost, because Boulton does not have the word “NO” in its business manual

We are the neighborhood supporters but with the worldwide presence

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the customer oriented leading brand in the field of HVAC  PAN India

Our Vision

Oriented in progressive technique, knowledge and development of the products & services and to maintain leadership in India by achieving excellence in the HVAC field.

Our Team

Leading personality in the global Jain community. Trustee of many Jain Educational Institutions and community service projects. Entrepreneur from the age of 15 and founded manufacturing businesses of products like Woven paper cone, Synthetic weaving thread, Cloth whitening agents, Brass and copper refrigeration fittings, Power factor capacitors and Polystyrene moulding. Worked as an export manager in the Indian Sugar Mills Association EAD. Took over Boulton Trading Corporation in 1962 and moved in the HVAC & R trade business. Diversified into Car Air-conditioning spares and EPDM trading.
Shri Hulaschand Choraria
Founding Partner
B.Com Graduate-1990 Rich experience in the HVAC & R industry and heading Boulton Trading Corporation since-1981
Mr. Deepak Choraria
Managing Partner
B.Com graduate from Jaihind College-1992 Been Associated with Boulton Trading Corporation part time since-1989 Been heading the business since-1992
Mr. Pankaj Choraria
Managing Partner
Mr. Chattar Singhi
Partner (Delhi)
Social worker within the Jain Community throughout his life. Associated with his brother, Shri Hulaschand Choraria, in all businesses as a financial advisor and portfolio guide.
Shri Hanumanmal Choraria
B. Com Graduate-1999 Practicing Accounting & Taxation at Vadodara- 2000 to 2007 Regional Manager within financial services, wealth management, e-Governance and Health Care services- 2007 to 2012 Partner at Boulton Trading Corporation, Ahmedabad- 2012 onwards
Mr. Minesh Jangid
Partner (Ahmedabad)
Mr. Jitendra Jain
Partner (Kolkata)
BMM graduate, Christ College Bangalore- Tax consultant at EY (India)- Partner at Boulton Trading Corporation, Bangalore
Mr. Prashant Surana
Partner (Bangalore)
Mr. Puneet Jain
Partner (Delhi)
Mr. Pankaj Dungarwal
Partner (Chennai)